About Us
We Love what we do
This is a story of love, inspiration and hard-work
At first, Linger a little to absorb the beauty that surrounds us, making it our muse...
Celebrate the soul of our land through the age-old crafts traditions that are seeped into our culture...
Let the process of skillful design and passionate craftsmanship mould our ideas into reality.

Since 2007, as our story unfolds, our team of deeply committed individuals continues to grow,
striving to make dreams come true in our custom built workshop in Korangi Industrial Area.

The Team
Embarking On A Journey
Trained as an architect from National College of Arts, Lahore, “Zahra Ebrahim” is my labour of love. The move from Architecture to Furniture Design came naturally to me. I had been trained to think and imagine in 3-dimension. Furniture just made the scale of work smaller and less overwhelming. It gave me the freedom to experiment and the control I desired from conception to the product itself and as soon as I jumped in, there really was no turning back. I had found my calling!

Starting from a very humble beginning of a workshop in my garage with a single carpenter,“Zahra Ebrahim” has come a long way since 2007. We now have a team of 36 dedicated workers, and a custom built workshop in Korangi Industrial Area.

Paulo Coelhos quote: “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it” truly encapsulates my journey. It has not been easy but the fact that I have been blessed with a team that loves what we do and puts their heart and soul into each design has managed to get us this far. Look forward to climbing many more mountains.
Zahra Ebrahim
Rubain Ali Amir
Collect things you love that are authentic to you and your house becomes your story.

erin flett / designer

Employee of the month
The People who create the Magic
Story: In 2001 I left my village and headed to Karachi to learn a skill and find work. Fate led me to the field of furniture polish and my optimism helped me persist.

I believe in 3 principles and they have always been my guiding force:
Positivity, Hard work & excellence in workmanship.

By the grace of Allah I found success soon and I am now a responsible worker of a company. Taking responsibility and accepting challenges is what I like to do.
Mohammad Munir
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